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Payroll Services: Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Getting started with Your Payroll Department now! Whether you submit your information online or with the assistance of a representative, we're sure you'll find the process quick and easy.

Step 1 - Get a Quote

Get a free payroll price quote by clicking here or, if you want it fast, call 972-509-4767 now.

Step 2 - Choose a Payroll Option

Call us at 972-509-4767 to discuss your budget and current payroll situation. We'll help you determine which payroll solution is best for your small business. For faster sign-up, have the following six payroll records ready when calling:

  • Employee year-to-date, quarter-to-date, and current quarter payroll totals
  • List of types of deductions (health, dental, disability, 401(k), loans, union, etc.)
  • List of types of earnings (salary, hourly, variable pay, commission, etc.)
  • Payroll registers for the current year
  • Quarterly earnings record for the previous calendar quarters
  • Tax summaries

Step 3 - Confirm And Review

We'll review your information and enter your company and employee information into the system.

Your Payroll Specialist Will:

  • Reach out to make an introduction
  • Confirm your start date and employee information
  • Provide you with different choices on inputting your payroll data
  • Inform you about our HR, Workers Compensation and Time and Attendance options
  • Train you on how to access your online payroll information
  • Train you on how to access online payroll and HR reports
  • Go through several tips and suggestions to streamline your payroll processing