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Payroll Services for Accountants

Many accounting firms need to offer payroll services to their clients but find it challenging to manage this complex task in-house. The time and attention required to process payroll can become a drain on your resources and keep you from focusing on the daily operations of your firm. If you own an accounting firm in this situation, contact Your Payroll Department. We offer reliable and economical payroll solutions to help accountants meet the payroll needs of their clients with less time and effort.

Outsourced Payroll - How it Works

At Your Payroll Department, we'll take over your client's payroll and will process it for them on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis with free direct deposit and customized payroll reports. You can also count on us to calculate and submit all of their payroll tax filings promptly to avoid penalties.

When you outsource payroll to us, you'll maintain the same image as a full-service accounting firm with your clients, minus the headaches and liability involved in processing it yourself.

Affordable Outsourced Payroll Packages

You may think that outsourcing your payroll processing is too expensive, but not with Your Payroll Department. We offer payroll packages that are designed to be cost-effective for accountants who want the freedom of outsourcing their payroll functions. Why continue to deal with the hassles of handling payroll in-house when you can save money and valuable time by outsourcing it?

Call us today at 972-509-4767 to learn more about our outsourced payroll services for accounting firms. We offer a free payroll quote, so get started today.

Our payroll services for accounting firms include:

  • Payroll processing for each of your clients
  • Detailed payroll reports delivered at regular intervals
  • White Labeling options to include your logo
  • Portal Access to access your clients